Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered our most frequently asked questions here.
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Is your ceramic production done in USA?

Yes, all our ceramic production takes place in Portland, Oregon.

What is your MOQ?

250-500 depending on size and complexity of the item. We offer sub MOQ pricing

What is your typical production volume capacity?

250-2000 units

How long will my project take?

It depends on number of factors including studio capacity at the time of project kickoff, complexity of your design, qty, size...etc. A good ballpark is 3-4 months from modeling stage to ship-out first 100 units.

Who is your typical client?

We most value relationship minded clients who are interested in mutual long-term growth and benefit. Our typical clients are design minded companies, gallery artists and niche creators.

Can I do custom colors?

We provide custom ceramic production solutions including custom color and finish.

My design is drawn on a napkin. Can you make it?

Yes, we provide product design / 3D render services and can turn your 2D sketches into spatial objects.

Do I own the molds we hired you to make?

Of course. We're a for-hire studio and make the molds just for you.

What happens to my molds after the production runs?

We either dispose of the molds, keep them with storage fee assessed, or mail them back to you — whatever you choose.

We have our own molds, can you just do the production for us?


We have custom packaging, can you handle that?

Yes, please inquire.

Do you offer packaging printing services?

We do not. You will need to have the packaging sent to us and we will fulfill using shipped material.

Can you dropship?

Yes, we offer dropship to select clients depending on current storage availabilty. Please inquire.